Linbar education Consultants-Linda Raymer and Barbara Wilson

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What participants are saying:

  • This was the most fun and practical workshop Iíve ever attended. Farmersville, TX

  • Being a new teacher, I really enjoyed this workshop. I have ideas to take back to my class tomorrow. MS Teacher, Pasadena, TX

  • There is always something to learn even after 30 years of teaching. Great presenter! MS Teacher, Columbus, OH

  • I used Tools for Teaching as the text for my Classroom Management Class at University of Texas.  Linbar presented a three hour introductory workshop to my student teacher cadre.  This session gave my students and me a common language to discuss management and instructional nuances that are often difficult to describe. I could definitely see a difference when I observed the students in their field experiences. 
    Sherry Field Ph.D. Professor, UT  Austin, TX

  • Great presentation! This was so eye opening and beneficial!  
    New Elementary Teacher, Goose Creek CISD, Baytown, TX

  • This was all GREAT!  I especially liked the segments on dealing with backtalk and classroom zones.  I want more!  Administrator, Big Spring, TX

  • Linda and Barbara are a great team.  I am a veteran teacher of 28 years and I found much of this validating. I learned ways to make my classroom, management better!   Intermediate teacher, Commerce, TX

  • In a short 3 hour session, I gained so many ideas to help me establish my classroom at the beginning of the year. Thanks! I can't wait for school to start!
    HS Teacher, Region XII, Discipline Conference Waco, TX

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