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Research-Based Resources for Instruction

The Texas Education Agency

Fred Jones

North Central Regional Educational Laboratory


Franklin Institute Educational Hotlists

Educational Hotlists link to online resources that science educators and enthusiasts may find useful. We've screened these resources to ensure they stimulate creative science and learning.


Southwest Educational Development Laboratory(SEDL)

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Thinking Foundation

Charles R Dana Center U of Texas   Math and Science Resource

George Lucas Education Foundation


US Department of Education


National Council for the Social Studies

National Council for Teachers of English


Children & Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder

Texas Behavior Support Initiative

Council for Exceptional Children



Jim Burke


University of Connecticut


No Child Left Behind Act of 2001


National Science Teachers Assoc


Connections Plus
The contents of this site link Internet resources (chiefly lesson plans, curriculum resources and activities) with corresponding subject area content standards.


Tools for Subject Strands


Online resources regarding children's and adolescent literature


Tools for Reading, Writing, & Thinking


Organizing/Writing a compare contrast essay


Homonym List


Art Movements and Periods


Guide to History Museums


Museum Collections


Phylogenitics Resources


Online newsletter library


Newslink-ongoing updates to all venues of media


Biographies of Women Mathematicians


Fred Jones Articles @ Education World

Technology Integration


Animal Inquiry


A Guide for Grammar

Government for Kids

Simon Wiesenthal Center Multimedia Learning Center Online - - Provides a comprehensive resource
 on the Holocaust and WWII, virtual exhibits, a teacher's
resource center, special collections from the Institute of Documentation in Israel, and more.

Fact  Monster


An Online literature, verse, quotation source


Use Excel to Create a Timeline


Create Bookmarks Using MS Word


Ebonics Information Page
A collection of documents and publications on the discussion of African American Vernacular English, gathered by the Center for Applied Linguistics.

Language Arts  Links

A Guide for Grammar


A Great site to download free Lang Arts "Mosaic" lessons, rubrics, resources



The Wooden Periodic Table


Blank Periodic Table, Just the boxes (2k)


Long Periodic Table, shows how the f-block fits in (4k)


Atomic Number and Symbol (9k)


Atomic Number, Symbol, 1991 IUPAC masses, 1997 IUPAC approved symbols (10k)



Atomic Number and Symbol in bold for projecting in class (10k)


Atomic Number, Symbol, Element Name, 1991 IUPAC masses, 1997 IUPAC

 approved names. Courtesy of Dr. Brent May


Science Experiments For Kids
Science experiments for home, school and science fair projects.


Science Fair Help
Looking for help with that science fair project? You've come to the right place!


Astronomy for Kids
Outer Space, Asteroids & Comets, Constellations & Stars, Rockets, The Solar System, Space Exploration, Telescopes


Biology Experiments For Kids
Animals, Animals, Biology Classes, Body Parts - Anatomy, Microscopes, Plant Science Projects


Chemistry Experiments For Kids
Chemistry Experiments, Chemicals, Chemistry Classes, Chemistry Software, Crystal Ornament, Food Chemistry, Gak Recipe, Ice Cream


Earth Science Experiments For Kids
Our Planet, Caves, Earthquakes, Fossils, Lakes, Ponds and Rivers, Oceans, Rocks & Minerals, Volcanos, Weather


Physics Experiments For Kids
General Physics, Bubbles, Color and Lights - Optics, Electricity,

Videos for classroom management tricks


Social Studies

Government for Kids

Printable State Maps
State Nicknames w/links to facts & figures

US Documents
The Mayflower Compact Top 100 American Speeches of the Twentieth Century

American History

American History
Participate actively in the history of the United States of America.

Indian Peoples of the Americas
Native culture, past and current. An introduction for children.

How Squanto helped the Pilgrims. The first Thanksgiving at Plimoth Plantation.

Colonial Times
Life in early America was both tough and fun, and these sites show you why.

Pirates of Colonial Times
If you want to hear stories of pirates, galleons, lost treasures, horrendous deeds, and gallant heros, this is a place to find them.

Salem Witch Trials
One theory that has come out recently is that the girls had been traumatized by earlier events: Indian massacres of families familiar to them.

American Revolution
Causes, events and people of the Revolution presented in formats intriguing to children.

Lewis and Clark
200 years ago these brave men led an expedition up the Missouri River, across wild mountain ranges, befriending Native Americans through the help of the Indian woman, Sacagawea.

Pioneer Times
In the early 1800s people headed across the western plains and mountains to settle in Oregon and California.

Civil War
Coloring pages, recipes, craft projects, reenactments and songs make the Civil War come alive for kids.

Modern Times - 20th Century
This page takes you from rural America at the turn of the century, through the mid-century battles, and to the advent of the technological society.

Ancient History

Prehistoric Man
Find out the truth about cave men, women and kids, as well as the lovely art they created.

Ancient History
Kids have fun exploring ancient cultures within these links.

Ancient Egypt
Wander through the mazes of ancient tombs to discover the secrets of ancient Eqypt.

Ancient Greece
Travel back in a time machine. Contribute stories. Find out about original Olympic games.

Ancient Rome (Italy)
Play the games that ancient Roman children played. Find out about daily life.

Activism 4 Kids
Participate actively in solving the world's problems.

Governments of the United States, Australia, Canada, and the UK explained to children.

Iraq Conflict For Kids
Read current events about Iraq Conflict. Lesson plans, ideas. How to help the children. Support Peace. Support the Troops.

News 4 Kids
Keep on top of current events. Write your own news stories.


Visit the earth's Biomes which are areas with very different geology and plant and animal life: deserts, rainforests, tundra, taigas, temparate and grasslands.

Really good maps and atlases online to help with geography and history studies. Treasure maps, too!

United States Geography
Each and every state of the union has interesting and unique features for kids to explore through these interactive links.

World Geography
Participate actively in geographical quests and meet kids all over the world.


Biographies of Famous People
Read the stories of famous people and villains who have gone this way before.

Genealogy - Family History
Find out about your family members and create a family museum of scrapbook.

Women In History
Famous and outstanding women throughout the world and throughout time.

World Culture & History

World Culture & History
Fun sites with ideas for social studies in general. Learn about people all over the world.

Age of Exploration - 1400 - 1600
During the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries two nations, Portugal and Spain, pioneered the European discovery of sea routes that were the first channels of interaction between all of the world's continents.

Canadian History
From the Children of Eagle and Raven to modern times. Resources for Canadian children and others to study Canada.

Flight History
Since early times, people have been fascinated with the idea of flight. Learn how these dreams of flight came true.

Inca Culture
The Inca society was very organized. Everyone understood his or her position in the social pyramid.

Come explore India, its mysterious past, games, culture and language.

Mayan Culture
Mayan stories, activities and virtual tours help you learn more about this ancient culture.

Medieval Times
Find out about Castles, Happenings, Heraldry, Kings & Queens, Knights & Ladies, Organizations, and Plays.

Renaissance for Kids
Are we still in the Renaissance Period today? Come decide for yourself.

What is myth? What is fact? Learn about Scandinavian history, play games, and explore with the Vikings.


Literary Awards

Women in Art Video clip

DOD-Dictionary of Military Terms


Olympics Timeline


Articles @ by Harry Wong


Calculate Your Environmental Footprint


Animal Inquiry


Tips & resoures for using graphic organizers/mind maps





State Educational Technology Directors Association (SETDA)
Texas Computer Education Association

Technology Applications Teacher NetworkTPESC
The Technology Planning & E-Rate Support Center

ISTE - The International Society for Technology in Education

Six Essential Conditions—system wide factors critical to effective uses of technology for student learning.

21st Century Skills

Technology Integration

Computers 4 Kids
Learn the basics here about computer hardware and software works.

Kids' guide to email etiquette, rules and tips for writing email in order to make online friends. Instant messaging resources.

Homeschooling Kids Web Sites
These sites are made by homeschooled kids usually under 13 years old, or by teens or siblings, but the tone of the page is fo the pre-teen set.

Homeschooling Teens' Web Sites
Teens will tell you about homeschooling. Find chats, message boards, email list and newsletters by and for homeschooling teens.

Programming 4 Kids
Learn to program games using Logo, C++, Java, Basic, and other languages on Macs and PCs.

Website Design 4 Kids
Sites for kids and other beginners to learn to design their own webpage.


Authentic Assessment

Continuous Assessment

Create Your Own Rubric


Brain-Based Learning

The Brain Connection


Brain Facts


Principles of Brain Based Learning

Brain Gym


A Fabulous site for a compilation of links regarding the brain and learning


Resources on Brain-based Learning and Teaching

Newer Views of LearningTypes of Questions


Brainy Kids


Phi Delta Kappan
A Fresh Look at Brain-Based Education by Eric Jensen



Graphic Organizers & Mind Maps

*Try it! Five main types of organizers
Chock full of organizers and strategies!


Create your own organizer

Ed Helper graphic organizers


Thinking Maps


The research behind Thinking Maps


Lots of info from schools incorporating Thinking Maps

Great info including a video.


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